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About Proel

Given the demand for innovation and the urgent need in the market to provide a response to the difficult question:
How do we move forward?
Proel emerged in 2008 as a qualified team of real estate and financial professionals thet tackles this question and provides real solutions by offering a new approach:
We direct the functional strategy of our customers towards market success.

Our Services

Consultancy and valuations

Valuation of assets, mortgaged-backed debts, trophy assets and a wide range of consultancy reports for international funds and national investors.

Capital Markets - Investment

The PROEL team advises throughout the entire process in relation to the investment or divestment of value-added assets, asset portfolios and real estate collateral posted to secure debts.


We adapt the marketing process to the different uses and typologies of the assets.

Relevant data for 2018




New real estate developments


m² under land management and intermediation

Our team

As important as selecting the best projects is doing so with the support of the best team, for this reason PROEL ensure that it has the best people in its human capital. We are committed to a philosophy of knowledge and the creative capacity of our professionals, who have been undertaking their professional actitivy in the real estate market for more than 20 years.

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We have the vision to choose the most profitable destination.

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